Sailing Review

A meeting of the dinghy sailing sub-committee – open to all members – was held on 17 February in order to finalise plans for the 2011 season. Amongst the attendees were Ronnie Millar, Ian Renilson, Iain Baillie, Gavin MacKinnon, Pete Taylor, Brian & Fiona Greer, Lionel Booth, Rhodri Thomas, and Paul Davies.

The main points to emerge from the meeting were:

  1. Confirmation that the Brass Monkey on 2 April will be 3 short races with one discard, from a shore start.
  2. The new Sprint Series, open to non-members, will be on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of Youth Week. (i.e. 26 to 28 July). This exciting new event will have a 7 pm start and 2 short races, with 4 races counting for the series. The final night will coincide with Youth Week barbeque night. An entry fee, to be finalised, will be charged.
  3. Iain Baillie introduced a range of different types of racing and events for the Special Saturday series – slalom events, team racing events, sail with an expert sessions were some of the suggestions. More information to follow when the planning is completed.
  4. Novice racing – dedicated starts for the Wednesday series 2 and 3 events.
  5. Wednesday Series 2 – This will have a 7.15 pm start, and 2 short races – a new format to use the light summer evenings more effectively, with racing on smaller courses.
  6. A few changes to the sailing instructions affecting the start line and average lap time finishing rules were discussed and agreed. These will be notified in the new S.I.’s and put on separate notices in the Race Box.

Ronnie Millar, Sailing Secretary


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