Need a boat to sail?

DBSC has a large fleet of dinghies suitable for sailors of all ages and abilities.  While the main purpose of this boats is to support trainin activity, they are available for use by members.

(see ‘Procedures for the use of club boats’ below).

Procedures for the use of club boats:
The club dinghies are primarily for training purposes, however they can be used by members with the permission of a member of the training team. Juniors who regularly attend Tuesday night training need to have gained a stage 3 certificate or better to use club boats at race times.Juniors are not permitted to take club boats out other than on Tuesday & Sunday training sessions, club racing, and under the authority of the training team during occasional events such as the Open Day.


Points to note-
Club boats may only be afloat if there is adequate rescue cover to deal with all those on the water.
Club boats can be used by members free of change, regardless of times used.
Any damage during use by a member (for racing or pleasure) must be declared so that it can be repaired before it is next required.
Club boats cannot be taken out in anything more than 25 knots of wind.

If you wish to use one of the club dinghies and you believe you conform to the above criteria please text Stewart Moss with your request (which boat type and which race) at least 24 hours before the race and he will let you know if you are eligible and the availability. Mbl: 07740205887.

The boats available are:


These are great boats for small beginners to learn and hone their sailing skills in a very robust and stable platform. They are not lacking in excitement either and can be great fun if competing in a fleet.


These boats are ideal for the slightly older and more experienced child and can easily be sailed with two to give a bit more stability and a great shared experience.

RS Tera

These boats are very versatile and can be sailed by children or adults, single-handed. They are very robust and are often used by the experienced racers in a fleet race when there is too much wind for their normal speed machines.


We have two Lasers in the fleet one Standard Rigged for and one Radial Rigged (nicknamed Bill & Ben, Ben being the radial) These boats are fast and responsive and great fun for the more experienced sailor. There is often a reasonable Laser fleet racing so they are an ideal opportunity to gauge your skill with the rest of the racers.

RS Feva

This 2-person dinghy is fast, exciting and has an optional gennaker to give even more thrills. It is very popular with the older children but can easily be sailed with an adult and child. These boats were designed to set new standards for recreational sailors, families, clubs, schools and holiday companies. The boats are easy to handle, fun to sail, versatile and highly durable. In fact, the RS Feva was the outright world’s best selling two-person sailboat in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

RS Vision

This is one of the clubs bigger boats used on Tuesday nights for teaching adult beginners basic principles of sailing. It is a stable yet fast boat but not overpowered and its construction makes it easier to right if capsized. It can be sailed by two or a whole family for some extra excitement.

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I look forward to seeing you on the water

Stewart Moss

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