Brass Monkey 2011

The dinghy season got under way with the Brass Monkey on 2 April. The event saw 22 boats turn up for the new format – 3 short races – and an even more successful Barbie followed, with over 60 members attending.

The wind was mainly west, generally around the 12 to 15 knots mark, with some lulls and gusts.

The first race was sailed on a windward leeward course, and races 2 and 3 on a course that incorporated two beam reaches.

Ian Renilson showed great early season form, taking 3 firsts. Behind a competition ensued between the RS200s of Ronnie and Tor Millar, club newbies Paul Rigg and Fiona Hall, John and Kate (not quite yet) Mucklow, and the Finn of Rhodri Thomas.

In race 1 Paul and Fiona held off Ronnie and Tor to take the second, with Rhodri 4th.



Race 2 saw Ronnie and Tor take the 200 lead at the first mark and hold it until the end to take 2nd, with Paul and Fiona 3rd, John and Kate 4th and Pete Taylor and Brian Greer in the Stratos 5th.

With the races being short sharp affairs – 20 minutes for Ian and 25 to 30 minutes for everyone else, the position in the overall standings was unclear going into the last race. Ian quickly led off the line and disappeared from view, whilst the three RS200s had a close battle with themselves and Rhodri’s Finn, and Ian Baillie, who had appeared on the start line on time for the first time in his RS300.

Ian B showed the advantage of starting on time by finishing 2= with Paul and Fiona, John and Kate came in 4th, and Ronnie and Tor swam with the fishes.

This left the overall results with Paul and Fiona taking second place to Ian Renilson, Ronnie and Tor in 3rd, John and Kate 4th and Rhodri 5th.

Full results will be up on the club website ‘racing’ section shortly.

[Photos: Andrew Greer]


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