Fife Police Coastal Security Officer

Today we had a visit from the local police security man dealing with smuggling, terrorism etc in minor ports and others. He asked that members be aware of the work he and others were doing.

He did his 1 in 5 years risk assessment of the Bay today and asked some questions about navigation and access to the Bay and premises, security, gates, cameras etc.

He asked all club members to be on the lookout and to report anything suspicious to him or the local police. He is DC451 Gavin Alcorn based in Rosyth tel. 07770 642276 or 01592 251184. This is separate from local crime such as break-ins that he also requests we report to the local police on 01592 251155. In cases of marine crime reports will be circulated through local community officers and on to him so that better communication can make their efforts more effective.

For information we had unwanted visitors among the keelboats and dinghies the weekend before last. Looks like they were looking in lockers and under boat covers. We suspect that at least one cover was torn to gain access so as always we ask you please look after your property. Leaving tools available is an invitation for their use to enter other boats and we should remind members to keep their ladders locked when not in use.

Glenn Scott, Shore Secretary



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