….mature but “young at heart” club desperately seeks enthusiastic and vigorous members….

The club is looking for volunteers to replace Sharon  in coming up with, and organising, social events from the ideas stage to the washing the dishes at the end. We are really keen to try and bring our members together both on and off the water and this could consist of  promoting and carrying out events ,just like the very successful and well attended  “Brass Monkey/Start off Seaso “ barbecue, or whatever you think….. as long as it’s well organised and thought through then our existing marketing officer can promote it to make sure the members and their guests turn up in good numbers.

This does not have to be one person, though – we will need someone to come on to the committee to represent the social side of the club; it could be a group of people so don’t be intimidated…. you won’t be left to do it all yourself and as long as we co-ordinate it well then I am sure this small social sub-committee could contribute massively to both the “feel” of the club as well as the facilities and events that are as critical a part of the club as is the sailing.

If you think you can help, and are willing to get stuck in, then please contact me.

Donald Adrain, Commodore


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