Fife Regatta

Sadly, this years Fife Regatta scheduled for Sunday 8th May has been cancelled. This is extremely disappointing for us here at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, as we did spend some time restructuring the event to make it more appealing to sailors and we had identified a fundamental error that would have helped with course options. However, our small but active club are struggling to provide adequate Race Officer cover on the committee boat, so have no choice other than to cancel the event.

Hopefully doing this well in advance will give you adequate time to get this notice out to your membership who may have be planning to compete in this weekends regatta.

John Sim

Keel Boat Racing Representative

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Fife Regatta – Sunday 8 May 2011
New one day format: 4 short races – ideal for getting race sharp
Divison 1, 2 and Cruiser classes
Sunday 8th May at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club or committee Boat until 09.25am, or in advance to: Sailing Secretary (Keelboats), Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, The Wynd, Dalgety Bay, Fife, KY11 9SB.Fees
The entry fee per boat is £15. Entries may be made in advance by post or in person at DBSC, or by email to using the standard FYCA entry form available on the FYCA website. If entering by email the appropriate fee must be paid at the DBSC clubhouse before the results are published on Sunday 8th May to avoid disqualification. Except in exceptional circumstances entries or payment will NOT be accepted ‘on the water’.

The standard form can be found at:

You can find all the races and a link to the registration form here:


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