Laser/ Topper/ Optimist & Novice Open Event – ‘Show-Case Event – Volunteer NOW’

This year we are again hosting a major Open Event for these classes on 21/22 May, and we expect over 100 boats!!! These are mostly youth classes, and sailors will be coming from all over Scotland. This is a very prestigious show-case event for these classes, and it is also a great opportunity for us to develop our own youth sailors and promote Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.

Firstly, I hope that all our Laser/ Topper/ & Optimist sailors will compete in the main fleet – it’s a great chance to get involved with a fantastic event on your home water.

Secondly, there is an opportunity for Novices to compete in a ‘Regatta Fleet’, which will be sailed nearer the shore to give a more light-hearted introduction to competitive sailing. This is open to all novices sailing in any class.

We plan to provide some coaching at this event, particularly in the Novice Fleet.

Thirdly, HELP!!!!

This event should be a lot of fun for the organisers as well as the competitors, but we always have a major headache to get enough people to volunteer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t wait to be asked. We have a good depth of capability in our club, but far too many people are shy to offer their help, and we are ALWAYS groveling around begging for help – it should not be like that. These events are for the benefit of our club members – and that means other club members have to come forward to help. This event is restricted to specific classes, so there is no excuse for not getting plenty of volunteers from other classes – and from other interested club members. DON’T leave it to the last minute to see if your help is REALLY needed – it is a nightmare worrying if there will be enough volunteers.

We need to focus on organising a top-class event, rather than groveling for help.

A wide range of help is needed – just about anything you can imagine, and generally experience is not required – such as:

  • Safety Boat Drivers (Power Boat Level 2 minimum)
  • Safety Boat Assistants (no qualification required – sailors preferred)
  • Time-keepers – for 2 committee boats
  • Catering
  • Entry taking
  • Results service
  • Car-Park Control
  • Shore-control
  • Beach Master
  • Trolley-assistants
  • Protest committee (!)
  • Coaches for Novice Fleet (no formal qualification necessary)
  • Grounds preparation including slipway

We also need extra safety craft, so if you have a suitable power boat that can be used – better still if you can drive it – and ideally if it is a RIB, then it would be appreciated if you could come forward.

This is largely a youth event and so there will be lots of parents & siblings around. It would be good if there could also be activities on-shore for these people. Any suggestions or offers to organise this?

Please send your contact details with a note of any experience and indicate how you could best help. We really hope to hear from you soon. Please don’t wait to be contacted – we DO need YOUR help.

Happy sailing,

Ian R.

Happy sailing,

Ian R.

Ian Renilson, Rear Commodore – Sail

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

0780 225 8481


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