Gavin Adamson Trophy 2011

In memory of a much missed member, Gavin Adamson…

The forecast of low winds and rain definitely put a lot of competitors off this years Gavin Adamson race, but a good number of kent faces and new boats to the Forth fleet turned out for the 2011 race. One of the new boats was a shiny new (and stunning) Beneteau First 40 called appropriately The Dark Prince, that went on to win the event as a whole – skipper Kerry Kirchin, previously owner of Ruby. So certainly a boat everyone on the Forth will need to watch for, as the skipper and crew get to know the boat and inevitably get faster.
While the Gavin Adamson Trophy is a prize for the fleet as a whole, there is of course the Division 1 and 2 results as part of the Forth Inshore Group (FIG) series. The Black Prince by default won Division 1 and we have notable DBSC results with Brief N Counter winning Division 2, with Smuggler a close and credible second.
Thank you to those who turned up bright and early and stuck with it all day to provide Race Officer cover, with special mention going to Iain Simpson for sticking it out till the bitter end (race started at 10am and last boat was over the line at 6:15pm). It certainly took a long time for us all to dry / thaw out… and this is supposed to be June!


Photo: Ian Renilson

Sailing Area: East and West of the Forth bridges

Classes : Racing Yachts – FIG Division 1, 2 (as defined by the FIG Rules)

Programme: 1 race will be sailed for all classes.

Racing will commence and finish off Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.

First Warning Signal will be at 10.00 HRS

Registration: Sunday 11th June at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club until 9.00am, or

in advance to: Sailing Secretary (Keelboats)

Prizes: The Gavin Adamson Memorial Trophy will be presented to the winner at the

Dalgety Bay sailing Club Annual Prize Giving

Entry: £5 for all yachts (All entry fees are donated to Macmillan Cancer Relief ).

Entry Forms are available from the FYCA website.

Rules: The Race will be sailed under the prescription of ISAF, the RYA and the Race

Sailing Instructions.

Handicaps will be from the latest FYCA Handicap List as published at


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