30th July Special Saturday – “Midsummer Madness”

Please note that the original July ‘Special Saturday’ has been delayed until after Youth Week to ensure all the boats are in good condition for Youth Week.

The event will be novelty races in fancy dress from 2 pm, with a following BBQ from 5pm. Guests are welcome, but must be signed in at the bar.

Sail in your own boat, or use a club boat – But make sure you book with Stewart Moss: 07740205887

Yes midsummer was officially a month earlier – but midsummer in Dalgety Bay this year has been postponed for a month for the better weather – and it is MADNESS!

As ever, we encourage the use of club boats on Special Saturdays, and there will be safety cover, so come along for a sail, even if you don’t want to participate in the organised event (but prepare to be persuaded – it’s all for FUN).

For further info, contact Ian Baillie or Ian Renilson.

Click the thumbnail below to view the event poster.


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