Informal Sailing:

It would be great to see more informal sailing at Dalgety Bay. It’s a great venue, and fairly safe, so long as you are sensible:

  • Don’t go out on your own if conditions are marginal, or you have any doubts.
  • Think where you would drift if you broke something critical, like a mast. Then make sure you sail in areas that would allow you to come ashore quickly – preferably near DBSC. That normally means upwind &/or uptide.
  • Take a fully-charged mobile phone in a waterproof bag &/or a VHS radio – and make sure you know how to use them to contact useful people, with key phone numbers in your phone.
  • If you are sailing in the evening when you could get caught-out in the dark, take a whistle & torch.
  • Wrap-up warmly in the winter – you cool-down very quickly if you spend time in the water
  • Let someone ashore know what you are doing.
  • Preferably go out sailing with someone else – it’s more fun, and much safer.

We could help to promote safe informal sailing at DBSC by the use of social networking sites to encourage other people on the water at the same time – there is safety in numbers. And if several people want to go at the same time a club rib can be used for safety cover.

And if there is safety cover, then club boats can be used.

DBSC already has a Facebook page that you can join & use to post messages – search for Dalgety Bay Sailing Club on Facebook, or follow the link:!/groups/58588880350/

It is a closed group, so you have to join, but then you can post messages to other people who have joined the group – so if you think you might like to go informal sailing – join the group!

However, we are open to other ways of promoting informal sailing at Dalgety Bay – suggestions please!

Ian Renilson – Tel (01383) 823811


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