Halloween Parties – Volunteers Needed


Halloween is on the way and its time to dress up the kids, yourselves and come along and support the club on the 29th of October

There is an afternoon party for the kids (1pm kick off) and an evening party for the more mature “kids” (7.30pm kick off) ; fancy dress though optional is encouraged so no one turning up as a “sailor” please…a sure fire way to encouarge a test of your waterproofs vi bucket of cold water

….does not need to be fancy…I tend to favour the “cut two holes in a sheet” routine, sling it over your head and shout “WOOOooooooooo” at passers by… and Bobs your uncle.. or you could be more imaginative!!

We do however needs volunteers to help do the following prep works..and you get to… pick at the kids food like Wotsits, cakes etc and the banter will be sparkling

Saturday morning – food preparation and cooking
Saturday afternoon – decorating club
Saturday evening – serving punch and food and clearing up
Sunday morning – food preparation for kids party (just snacks)
Sunday afternoon – assist with kids party and games etc, also clearing up

Also if anyone can bake spooky cupcakes etc for the kids party that would be excellent.

Please do contact Cat on 07939140054……..she cannae do it all herself…..

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