Autumn Keelboat Meeting – Friday 18th November, 7:30pm

It’s that time again where the keelboat community get together to go over the previous season to go over what went well and what went wrong and plan for the coming year. We all know that keelboat participation levels are at an all time low. This is not just racing, but the number of yachts actually getting wet in 2011 affected all aspects of keelboat sailing. While this is not just a DBSC issue and is actually something we are seeing across the whole of Scotland, we do need to take a look at what we do as a sailing club in order to align to the change in participation levels, or to try and improve the situation.

While it is normally the Spring meeting where we review holders of Keelboat Rep, Keelboat Racing Rep, Cruising Rep and Moorings Rep roles, as we did not have a meeting last spring we should declare this delinquency. We are always open to new blood in any of these roles, as it gives a fresh perspective, so if anyone is interested in being considered for any of these posts, please let the Commodore and Vice Commodore know.

Running on a Friday evening is to try and make the meeting as informal as possible in order to get the ideas and views flowing. We hope you can make it along and share your views.

Donald, John, Sarah, Lionel


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