Keelboat Meeting, 9th March @ 7:30pm

As is tradition, the keelboat community get together at the end and start of each season. The idea is we review the season that has just passed, and make plans for the coming year. The 2012 season is fast approaching, all be it can’t come quickly enough, so we have scheduled a meeting in the club house for 9th March at 7:30pm. All are welcome, not just keelboat sailors.
This meeting is kept as informal as possible, but areas we would like to make sure we cover are –

Radium issue and keelboat owner considerations for the 2012 season
High number of inactive boats, how can we help / results of survey

Developing next generation of keelboat sailors
– Try a keelboat days
– Improved tie into Dinghy community / training
– Adult sailing development
2012 sailing calendar
– DBSC FIG’s change to Forth Weekend proposal – will be explained on the evening
– Cruising
– Fife Regatta
– BAD Cup
– Friday & Saturday Races and formats
Communications – getting keelboat community more into line with the rest of the club
Facilities – weather station & webcam
Safety & Regulations
Pool activities more to make it easier for some to get afloat – moorings, raft, launch, recovery.

And as per normal, does anyone want to pick up one of the four Keelboat sailing posts? John Sim, Donald Adrain, Sarah Birrell and Lionel Booth have been covering as best they can for a while now. We all do this along with giving our time in other areas of the club. If anyone is interested in being consider for any of the four Keelboat posts – Rep, Racing, Cruising & Moorings – it would need agreement from those attending the meeting, so nominations in advance please.


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