Mooring Fees 2012

To all Sailing Members who have yet to pay their Mooring Fees please
do so before the end of next week, Saturday 11th February 2012.
There are 17 fees at Forty Pounds still to be paid, the Club have paid the
Crown Estates SIXTEEN HUNDRED POUNDS already for the mooring fees
for 2012. The mooring fees used to be paid at the same time as membership
subscriptions, but last year the membership subs were moved to the 1st April
2012, however the Crown Estates fees for the moorings are due on the the 1st
January 2012 to 31st December 2012. The club have already paid this, so those
who have not paid their mooring fees are costing the club money in lost revenue.
If the mooring fees are not paid by the begining of March the the club will be forced
to charge you at the rate of single moorings fees of EIGHTY POUNDS rather that
the associate cost of Forty Pounds. Also regardless of whether you have a boat on
the mooring or not if you have a mooring laid on the deep water moorings area it has
to be paid for. If they are not paid for the mooring will have to be lifted and removed.

Lionel Booth,
Moorings Rep.


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