Work Party Required – for indoors work!

Mornings of 26th February (yes, morning after the Prize Giving) & 4th March

As part of our increased efforts to reduce costs, and with the green agenda in mind, we are going to be taking steps to make our club house much more “fuel efficient”. Some members who frequent the bar may have already noticed that heating in the lower floor has been turned down to a minimum, but that has had a knock on affect to the levels of heat upstairs. It was always our intention to insulate the roof of the old part of the club house, but we now need to do this sooner rather than later to help reduce our fuel costs. So, we are looking to pull together a group of people to assist with this work.
Please email one of both of the following email addresses if you would be willing to help out –,
We could really do with
– an electrician to deal with lighting
– a joiner to help with reworking the up-lighter set up we have in the club house
– somebody who is handy with a sowing machine (and owns one) so we can reduce the length of the curtains

Also, we need people to bring tools and ladders so we can reach the higher parts of the roof.


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