Laser Training

Eight laser sailors braved the elements on Saturday 3rd March to take part in the first Laser training of the season. Actually the weather was unseasonably mild, we got a little over 12 knots max and one of the Lasers was a Topper, but there were 8 sailors keen enough to get out there and get some coaching to help them sail even faster this year.

My aim was to get everyone’s boat handling brought back into shape after the winter layoff with particular attention on going into tacks smoothly with minimal use of the hand brake (aka rudder). So the morning session was boat handling drills and not too intense as most of us are not as fit as we will be once the season starts. But I have to say I was impressed by the improvements as we progressed with our tacking and gybing on the whistle. Sometimes the biggest improvement you can make is in your mind, and once you know and understand what you are trying to do, the improvements can come fast.

We changed onto racing for the afternoon session, with loads of starts on a nice short line, before moving onto some mini races. By this time a few tired bodies had decided to go for an early bath into the Forth, then decided that a hot shower might be even better, so by the final race we were down to 4 heroes.
We finished off with a debrief of the video clips I had taken, then reviewed the main points of the day and congratulated ourselves on the improvements we had made. So well done to Richard, Alastair, Robert, Brian, Fiona, Glenn, Peter and Nicky on some great sailing.

We are having another session on the 24th of March, so let Stewart Moss know if you would like to join in. The more the merrier.

See the rest of the pics on the facebook page


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