Keelboat Racing

Keelboat Racing

Fancy trying something different and fun that does not involve getting soaked  and without your underwear clinging uncomfortably to your bum ??
You need to try keelboat racing at Dalgety Bay on a Friday night and it’s not too far off.
First race is Friday 11th May so make a note on your calendar to turn up at 6:30 pm on the slipway and shout “I too wish to join the fellowship of the keelboats and am worthy”… then realise you  got the day wrong and are alone apart from a stray dog and two lost tourists……Exit stage left…
Turn up on the right day and  then will we furnish you with safety gear and take you out for the first step on an addictive lifelong passion… have to try it… you owe it to yourself to try something new!!!
You don’t have to be fit… don’t have to be under 40… don’t have to be in control of all faculties… aye well ok maybe that but remember  Friday 11th May
If you are up for it and want more info give me a shout at

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