DBSC is 40 Years Old Today!

Some of the more observant of our membership may have noticed that on the board listing past Commodores, our first commodore was appointed in 1972/73 – Stewart Cameron. Therefore, we have a significant anniversary coming up.

I have consulted with some founder members to get more accurate dates round when the club was founded and have been informed about some key dates – see our new history page via clicking on logo below.

Therefore, as per background below, we are 40 today! In our 40th year we certainly need to do something to mark the occasion and at least have a birthday party – as our predecessors did mark the 25th anniversary. To tie in with the Commodore date, we have established the first AGM was held on 26th October 1972. In 2012 26th October is a Friday, so we will look to arrange a party for that date, or on Saturday 27th – please put these dates in your diaries.

You will also notice our logo has turned ruby red to tie in with our ruby anniversary – sets a precedent for a gold logo come our 50th. So we may explore commemorative clothing and burgees to mark the occasion.

It is actually up to all of us how we celebrate this significant milestone. So instead of the already busy Management Committee making these decisions, we would like to form a sub-committee of members to arrange / coordinate. Please let me know if you would be willing to be part of this anniversary sub-committee (just click on my name below and it will generate an email).

Part of our 40th year efforts will be to piece together much more of the clubs history and preserve for posterity. Anything anyone has would be very welcome (we can scan and return) and we will also be getting in touch with The Dunfermline Press to search their archives.

John Sim, Vice-Commodore


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