Racing Results – Special Notes for Beginners

Racing Results – Special Notes for Beginners:

We’re really keen to encourage beginners and novices to join-in with our club racing, and have created a format that we hope will encourage participation, as below:

  • Specific starts for Novices will be run if there is demand.
  • Races are run on an ‘average lap time’ basis:
    • Sail around the defined course until flag “S” is displayed at the race hut (“S” stands for ‘shortened course’).

    • Next time you cross the line after “S” is displayed you will hear a ‘hoot’ to signify that you have finished.
    • The time and number of laps is recorded for each boat, and the handicap result is taken from the average time to complete a lap.
    • Faster boats may sail several more laps than slower boats.
    • Often the slowest boat is the first to finish.
  • Anyone who completes at least one lap will get a finish:
    • If you get tired and don’t think you will be able to complete the full race, then don’t worry.
    • If you can manage to complete at least one lap you will be awarded a finishing place.
    • Although if you finish before the race is officially shortened, you will be awarded a position after those who sailed on until it was shortened.
  • Club boats:
  • Crew / Sail Finder:

Please join-in, and if you are unsure about anything, just ask.

Don’t be shy – we all had to start sometime J

Happy sailing,

Ian R.


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