Appeal to all Members

We are currently sprucing up our clubhouse.

Via work parties, a long outstanding lick of paint is about to be applied to the extension area and some carpet tiles we have had in storage for a number of years will soon be laid.

We would like to do what most yacht clubs do and have much more sailing related paintings / pictures / wall hangings on the walls of our club house. If any of you have been in the Royal Forth clubhouse, you will understand what we mean (see picture below). We are not looking to mount the likes of old anchors on the walls, but sailing pictures / posters / boat cutaways / etc. We will place a label on all items indicating who has donated or loaned the item to club. We are keen to get all types of sailing pictures, but of course it would great if we could get some DBSC related memorabilia, especially older material as we try to build a better archive of our history as part of our 40th year celebrations.

So please have a look through your loft and get in touch.

John Sim, Vice-Commodore                    Gillian Barclay, Treasurer

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