100 Club

It is with regret that  this  year there will be no  ‘ 100 Club’  operating due to lack of support.  Over the past years this has been a very good fund-raiser for the club and was also fun thing to do but  sadly  not this year.  I would like to think that perhaps it could be re-introduced in a slightly different form next year.  If you have any ideas and suggestions I would be delighted to have them.

If you would  like to donate your £12 to the club funds that would be really good.  If you would prefer to have a refund then please email your bank details to me at hugh_joyce@btinternet.com,  by the way that is hugh underscore joyce, as bank transfers are the preferred way of dealing with payments by your club. Phone me on 01383 823071 and  leave a message if I’m not at home, either way please get in touch with me so that we can get it all sorted out over the next few weeks.

Anyone who has not made contact regarding the £12.00 entry fee(s) by 31st May 2012 will be deemed to have made a most welcome donation to the club.

Joyce McConville


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