Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Radium Statement to Members – 24th April 2012

Dear Member

The sailing club management Committee met on the 24th April, 2012, with SEPA representatives in attendance, to discuss a number of forthcoming issues the club may face with regard to the well known Radium contamination.

While the situation has not changed since my last update, and the risks and necessary precautions remain the same and should continue to be observed, an issue surrounding the MOD/AMEC container placed in the club grounds was discussed.

This container is used to store low level activity material retrieved by MOD/DIO contractors from the site. Having discussed this at length, and considered the clubs position and liability, the committee decided the safest option for the club and members was to ask the MOD/DIO to remove this container  within seven days and in the meantime suspend sailing activities until this action was completed to minimise any risk to the club and its members.

SEPA have monitored the area surrounding the container and have categorically stated that the levels of radioactivity coming from the locked steel container are well within safe and acceptable levels .They have deemed it a low risk to passing and adjacent persons however the committee agreed that in the best interests of the club it should still be removed off site within the period given.

The Management committee continues to be an active participant in the discussions surrounding the contamination and will continue to update all members as and when progress in made by Sepa/MOD/DIO and any other agencies.

We would again draw your attention to the information contained under the Regulations and Safety tab on the website.  https://dbscweb.wordpress.com/regulation-safety-information/


Donald Adrain Commodore (Commodore)

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