Tuesday Training Sailors… call to the May Regatta

Our Club Regatta is now just two weeks away. This looks like being a super event with something for everyone, be they advanced dinghy sailors, beginners or social members. I would like to arrange things so that everyone who is doing Tuesday nights has the opportunity to participate afloat in some way. This could be helming in either the main fleet or novice races, crewing, or helping on the rescue boats. I have set up a “Teamer” invite for the event. Please accept it if you know that you or your child will be available for the Sat & Sun, & wishes to participate using a club boat, or helping out with rescue. We’ll then start working out who can sail what & with whom!
Parents (even non members can be signed in) are very welcome to come & be spectators while the racing is on. The Barbecue & Ceilidh band for the Saturday Night is just £10 per adult, £5 per child (included if your child has entered the regatta). It’s got to be the best deal in town & we hope to see you there!
More info on the website here:-
Along with the main material for the day here (also accessible off the home page) –

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