2012 Keelboat Fruitcake Series

The Keelboat Fruitcake series of races starts on Sunday 3rd June.

This series is now in its third year and is a series of mixed format races to try and bring some variety into the round the cans format and give people who may not have raced before, an easier opportunity to take part.

For 2012 we have moved three of the races in this series to a Sunday, starting 5 minutes after the dinghy fleet first round of starts that day (they normally have two races on a Sunday). That way we make use of the Race Office already in place, give people who can’t make a Friday evening a chance to race and hopefully build more friendship bridges between the dinghy and keelboat fleets.

Please consider coming along and taking part in some or all of these races, which are aimed at having fun on the water.

Sunday 3rd June                       Gated Start – All boats must pass through start line no later than 15 minutes after the start signal and their recorded time will start from the time they cross the line – no noisy shouting on the line!

Sunday 15th July                     White Sale – Spinnakers are banned!

Friday 3rd August                    Down Wind Start – Self explanatory, as opposed to an upwind start on a beat, we start down wind. Lots of fun trying to time it just right, but kept for Friday so we have a dedicated start line as opposed to sharing with dinghies for obvious reasons.

Friday 31st August                  Finish in the Dark – As it says on the tin, it is the usual 7:30pm Friday start time, but a course will be set so you finish in the dark and are keep clear of the shipping lanes! It will not be much later than the usual finish of between 8:30pm and 9pm.

Sunday 16th September      Two Handed Race – Only two people permitted onboard, including helm. You can fly the spinnaker if you’re clever. A very popular format on The West and becoming popular through here. If you struggle to get crew, this is the one for you.


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