16th June – Fun Day & Beer Festival

Dalgety Bay Roundtable Beer Festival

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Open Day


2pm – DBSC Open Day

Family Treasure Hunt

Face Painting

Bouncy Slides

Hog Roast


Oh, and Beer Festival is open for business! See full listing of beers for sale further down this page

11am – Try a Keelboat

Another opportunity to try keelboat sailing. On this occasion we do not plan to be away long, as the lure of beer and the tender race will be strong!

Please let us know of you plan to come along – Keelboat Rep. All welcome without advance warning of course, just helps with planning.

1pm – Dinghy Special Saturday

More fun on the water in dinghy’s, along the lines of previous Special Saturdays. Not saying much about the theme, as you will need to come along and find out on the day.

3pm – Raft Race

Teams can consist of up to six people one of whom must be over 16 years of age.

The raft can be constructed   prior to the day of the race but must not be made up from a hull.  Any decorated boats no matter how pretty will be disqualified.

The course will be the same as the tender race with first full team back being the winners.

Penalties may be added for cheating and the race officer may favour teams that dress up or provide the most entertainment.

If you can register in advance via emailing secretary@dalgetybaysc.org it would be a big help!

High Tide:- 13:35 4.7m

Low Tide:- 17:23 1.7m

4pm – The Tender Race

Teams of two, one of which must be aged 16  or over.

Boats must have a flat hull.

Outboards for regular use must be used.

The course will be set on the day

The winner of the race is the first complete team back to the race officer.

7pm – Beer Festival part two opens, with a band in the marque

Ticket only now – but only £5 per ticket and all going to charity.

18 and over, but Bar area will be open as a DBSC club members only zone.

Stovies for sale in the evening

List of Beers on sale this year –

Avalanche (ABV 4.5%) A deliciously dry, straw coloured also with a fragrant “lemony” foretaste and an intriguing hint of grapefruit in the finish

Maverick (ABV 4.2%) A fine, robust fruity ale with reddish mahogany colour and warm roasted malt flavours

Bitter & Twisted (ABV 4.2%) Pale golden in colour with a low level of foam. Flavour is fruity, first you notice grapefruit then a dash of lemon comes through.

Schiehallion (ABV 4.8%) Pale straw/gold colour, tastes of hops and a flowery sweetness, full flavoured leans towards the sweeter side.

Killellan (ABV 3.7%) A light session ale, with floral hop and fruity taste. This amber beer is dry and quenching with a clean mellow and refreshing zesty aftertaste

Peter’s Well (ABV 4.2%) The aroma is of freshly cut grass with warm floral hop notes. The taste is smooth yet dry and is refreshingly zesty

Independence(ABV 3.8%) full bodied and malty beer with subtle hints of mixed fruits and punches of spice, delivers earthy and slightly spicy notes

Thrappledouser (ABV 4.3%) a golden copper coloured  ale, and creamy off-white head with a delicate citrus aroma and a unique spicy floral taste.

Goldihops (ABV 3.8%) Golden, hoppy clean on the palate with a long lingering after taste

Misty Law (ABV 4.0%) a dry hoppy amber ale

Edinburgh No.3 (ABV 4.3%) Smooth, intense colour, rich malty taste, with a clean finish

Stewarts 80/- (ABV 4.6%) Auburn heavy, easy drinking with aromas of fruit

Midnight Sun (ABV 5.6%) A spiced porter as dark as the midnight sun, with an after bite of fresh root ginger

Seven Giraffes (ABV 5.2%) An aromatic IPA with aromas of elderflower and citrus followed by sweet caramel

Sheepshaggers Gold (ABV 4.5%) a continental style beer with a refreshing aftertaste

Wildcat (ABV 5.1%) A deep amber coloured ale with a complex malt and fruit flavour

1748 (ABV 4.2%)

Bombardier (ABV 4.1%) a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit

Prince Bishop Ale (ABV 4.1%) a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit

Once Bittern (ABV 3.9%) a malty ale with a taste of chocolate. Lighty hopped to give a floral aftertaste

Standard Pioneer (ABV 4.0%) a light coloured session ale with lemon citrus taste and aroma

Sunburst Pilsner (ABV 4.8%) a pilsner style lager a crisp clean palette with a pleasing nose

Sundial (ABV 4.7%) a pale ale with a fruity malty taste and aroma

Black Dragon (ABV 7.2%) Perry Cider


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