RIB’s & Your Membership Fee

The club has an impressive RIB  and dinghy training fleet, and many associated items such as hand held VHF radios, safety packs, buoyancy aids,  and while we are all delighted to receive the benefit we need to make sure we look after this kit as best possible.
To give you some idea of running costs, the RIB engines are serviced annually and this year they proved particularly expensive with a number of them having been run dry and their cooling impellers required replacement as well as the associated pump housing. The total cost to the club was just shy of £3000 which could easily have been halved had the outboard legs been run in the water or the flushing muffs used correctly when running the engines ashore.
This year we have had some hull and propellor damage and while at times this is avoidable is something we need to be aware of. Props can costs in the order of £150 and someone has to remove and replace them. We have also had to replace both ignition keys on the Humbers at almost £200 each!
Replacement centre boards for the dinghies cost around £200 each so worthy of consideration when coming ashore….
Can I ask you to think carefully about how you use the club equipment and do everything possible to treat it as if it were your  own? In effect we all own a share of our club equipment and as such are paying for maintenance and repairs, albeit via ours membership fee, which could be better used for better facilities for the club itself….. and levels of fees are always an emotive subject.
Also, if we do not all look after this equipment and continue to have a growing breakages list, there are three affects –
  • Membership fees will need to go up
  • We will have no funding to develop our club
If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, please make sure you report ASAP as per the guidance issued in our RIB Use Guide….. remember to send an email to ribs@dalgetybaysc.org

One thought on “RIB’s & Your Membership Fee

  1. To add to this post I was on rescue and when I went to get the boat off the mooring last Sunday I found the boat tied up to the handle of the plastic bottle acting as a mooring buoy. This plastic handle is not particularly strong. We should tie boats to the top shackle of the mooring in the future to prevent loosing the boat off the mooring when the handle breaks….Keith.

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