Boat Movements In The Coming Months

As has been well reported in the media, the MOD have appointed an agent to conduct some detailed test of the club grounds as part of their efforts to validate the source of the material being found. The sailing club continue to help and support all agencies involved with ongoing investigations and for the next couple of months will be moving boats round the grounds to clear space for ground works. So you may come down to the club at some point and find your boat has moved.

Please be patient / supportive as we support the various agencies with this key phase of their work


3 thoughts on “Boat Movements In The Coming Months

  1. John,
    I hope there will be some forward planning with this? A number of keelboats especially are locked and/or jacked up. The owners will need to be involved in moving them. Do we have a plan including where the holes will be dug with timescale and how much notice will we have to contact owners and get boats moved safely? For instance I am just about to get New Wave jacked up and leveled for the winter,which takes at least half a day, so would be useful to know when/if it will need moved.

    1. John

      Should be kicking off around the 22nd October and take about 4-6 weeks.
      Plan is that they cover the South of the boat park first, moving necessary boats to North side, and then vice versa. Any boats that need moved with have tape tied around their hitches to identify them as obstructing access to an area to be surveyed. There will be some buggering about but it will be good to have it completed and some way towards resolution. Donald

      1. We should request that for the next 4 weeks keel boat owners keep their boats “on the wheels”
        As to a plan – yes there is one and it is fairly detailed, and boats which the contractors were looking to have moved were marked with line tape. However this plan has been agreed as open for movement due to the nature of the work.
        I would think that the over ridding response is “please stick with us”

        Regards – Matt & Ruary

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