New Keelboat Cruise Based Race

One for keelboat sailors to add to their diary and hopefully, a bit motivation to get launched for start May.

18th May, Half Tide Race, using DBSC, ABC & BSC start lines.

Proposed start time is 1200hrs (BST), but S.I.s will be produced nearer the time.


Boats can start at any of the participating clubs but must finish at the same place. The course takes in each of the club start lines (where checkpoint times are recorded by respective race officers / helm – this is not essential but it adds to the fun and keeps statisticians happy) and rounds Inchkeith, Inchmickery and Inchcolm and also the Admiralty Buoy south east of DBSC. The direction can be decided subject to wind on the day. A light wind option would be to remove Inchkeith and Inchmickery and the Admiralty Buoy from the course and essentially sail between the three clubs but taking in Inchcolm.
It is a long course so the idea is to start on a falling tide, sail over the low water for a change and have plenty of tide to get back into harbours etc later on.
Open to all sailors on the Forth, they just have to pick a start line from one of the three clubs.
Race Officers will then collate results and submit to the host club (ABC to start with) and a final result will be announced at an apres-race social with beer and sausage rolls.

Put it in your 2013 diary. Should be a great relaxed way to open the sailing and test boat for season ahead.

Remember, this is one aimed at all types of sailors, not just the out and out racers.

Large Sammy the Blue Seal


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