Bar Opening Hours Part II

We have been listening to member’s comments after the introduction of winter and summer bar hours, which on the main have been positive –

This was introduced in order to align the bar operation to peaks in sailing activity at the club and address loss making days. One of the comments was to keep the bar open till 11pm on a Friday and Saturday by default, as opposed to the current arrangement of only keeping open if sufficient people were in the bar after 10pm. Making this change sends a clearer message to people who may want to book the club house for functions and hopefully will encourage more people to use the bar at the weekend. So with immediate effect, bar opening hours for a Friday and Saturday will be extended to 11pm.

Please note, the bar staff will be empowered and are expected to close the bar on a Friday and Saturday if insufficient customers are buying goods after 10pm. Similar to through the week when the bar staff may keep the bar open past 10pm if sufficient people are in the bar, we actively review the data stored on the till which shows purchase times. We regularly monitor this to make sure the bar is not kept open to 11pm with no takings. We cannot afford to incur staff costs when there are no takings and all members would expect The Management Committee to be managing costs this way.


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