Dalgety Bay SC Draft Development Plan – membership consultation

https://i0.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md49q1fQA11rog95qo1_500.jpgA draft copy of the club development plan has been posted on our website in order for members to look over and provide feedback. This document does not list what we will do in the coming twelve months, but sets out a number of goals / aspirations we would like to achieve on short, medium and long timescales, along with high level details of how. The new Management Committee will use this document and resulting feedback via this consultation phase to identify the areas they should be tackling / making plans for in the coming years. It would be impossible to do everything listed, but it is important we capture these aspirations on an ongoing basis to facilitate future planning and target setting for our club.

We would really welcome your views and opinions – yes we know it’s a long read! We cannot guarantee to add every item of feedback, but if we see a trend round requests for items not currently covered, we will of course add.

Why do we need a development plan – this is something that used to exist and is best practice for business and sports groups. It takes a lot of work to establish and maintain, but it is important we re-instate and retain, because it gives our club a direction and shows potential funding bodies that we have long term plans and aspirations that we would hope to attain via spending any donations received in the areas highlight…. many funding groups will not even consider a funding request unless they can see a development plan and a clear path to the end benefit from any donation.

Please provide feedback directly to the Vice Commodore


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