2012 AGM

Dear Member

By now you will have all received an invite to our first AGM as a Limited Company, scheduled for 31st January. We had to do this via a postal invite to be compliant with regulations under the companies act, but are keen to move to electronic communications to –

  • keep the cost down – postage costs alone for this exercise were over £200
  • to help with accuracy – over 6500 sheets of paper had to be collated by some volunteers on 27th December, when everyone else was watching Christmas telly and avoiding mince pies
  • lessen the overhead on volunteers generally

Please do complete the form to receive future invites / material via email to keep costs down and overhead on already very busy volunteers.

We have now placed all the relevant AGM material on our website, so you can access this at any point, as was the practice in the past. If you have any material missing in the version posted to you, due to errors on our part, please access the web site to retrieve a copy or contact the Secretary for assistance.

We have had a minor issue with Proxy forms and so an updated Proxy form will posted to you all directly in sufficient quantity to suit your household; if you have already filled in a proxy form and returned it then their is no need to do this again as your wish will be adhered to regardless of which form was used. The amendment made was a minor adjustment to wording and layout rather than content and proposal and as such there will be no compromise of clarity nor voting wishes to members

Using the same mail shot we shall also supply you with the treasurers’ report in advance of the meeting, and proposed budgets and we do hope this makes things clearer and more transparent.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the club via the Secretary either by post, to keep things legitimate, or more informally by email.


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