Missing 2HP Yamaha Outboard Engine – Dinghy Store DBSC

A member needs some help…

I need some help with what I believe is a missing 2hp Blue Yamaha 2 Stroke engine from the inside dinghy Store at DBSC.

I was hoping that someone could ask around and put a note on the web and or mainsheet to see if someone has taken this engine from the store before I report it as stolen. The reason I am hesitant to report it stolen is that their may be a misunderstanding here and I want to see if this is the case.

In 2011 I purchase the boat Blue Moon a Hunter Media 20 from its previous owner and club member Willie Auld. As part of that I also purchased his inflatable tender and 2 hp Yamaha outboard both of which were stored inside the dinghy and engine store and I have been using these over the past 18 months. The engine that was identified to me as being his was a 2 stroke yamaha outboard which was being stored on the rack at the rear of the dinghy store and had the distinguishing mark of the plastic cover displaying a large crack and small hole on the rear of the engine cover to the right of the 2hp badge.

This morning 15th Jan 2013 at around 11.30 I went to the store to collect my other outboard and noticed that quite a few engines were no-longer on the rear engine racks including what I believe to be my 2Hp Yamaha Outboard.

I would like a note put on the web and the main sheet enquiring if anyone has removed this engine from the store with these distinguishing marks and if so why the believe its is theirs as all other engines in the store are accounted for and market accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Murray K. Skelton (murrayskelton@hotmail.com)


One thought on “Missing 2HP Yamaha Outboard Engine – Dinghy Store DBSC

  1. Hi all, I have had no response to this post yet and the previous owner of this engine Willie Auld has positively identified the missing blue Yamaha 2Hp as previously being his. Can I now ask all boat owners who own a 2Hp Yamaha and stored it in the shed and have taken home for the winter to check they have the correct engine as for insurance purposes I now have to report this as stolen. Thanks for your help. Murray

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