AGM Report

Dear Member
The first AGM of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Limited occurred as planned, which was out of synch with our normal time of year for an AGM. This was necessary due to the urgent timescales we had to work to in order to obtain membership approval for becoming a Limited Company (i.e. we had to have all in place prior to membership renewals) and will be just a one off, with us returning to AGM’s occurring in November.

The good news is that membership fees will remain frozen for the 2013/14 season. This was a pledge the Management Committee had taken away from the 2011 AGM and due increased cost reduction focus and addressing our sliding bar operation (through some unpopular decisions), we have been able to keep membership fees flat and move our bar back into profit in order to help establish some capital spend budget, so we can start working on what we outlined in the Development Plan. We do plan to do more in the cost reduction area, especially round our clubhouse running costs, so fingers crossed we can keep fees flat for a second year if we can get the sums to add up.

We now have a new Commodore – John Sim. A big thank you to Donald Adrain for his two years three months at the helm, through what was probably the most trying and crucial time for the club in it’s 40 year history. He leaves us in a better place and able to continue to operate and develop our Sailing Club. A huge debt of gratitude is due to Donald and his team in 2012.

The new team are, in addition to John Sim –

Vice Commodore – Matt Thomas
Secretary – Wendy Mackenzie
Treasurer – Gillian Barclay
RC Sail – Vacant
RC Social – Vacant
RC Training – Neil Fuller
RC Shore – Renny Thomson
Membership Secretary – Hugh Ross
Marketing Officer – Vacant

We also have vacancies for Sailing Secretary and Shore Secretary.

We have been able to cover the sailing element to a degree during the quiet time of the year and have our Regatta dates in the diary, but we will need to soon pull together a club sailing calender. John Sim intends to go out for some volunteers to get together one evening to plan that out, which will see us through till April, when we have to start thinking about our first Regatta. So, we MUST have somebody in the RC Sail post by then. Please please please consider volunteering, as what’s the point of a sailing club if we have no racing being organized. We all have to take a turn at give back to the Sailing Club at some point in time, so maybe now it is your time to do you bit for the club. The RC Sail and Sailing Secretary must be two of the more enjoyable and rewarding posts to hold.


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