Keelboat Meeting: Wednesday 6th March at 8 pm

As you have probably seen from recent exchanges, muggins has agreed to be at least interim Keelboat Rep, with a view to being able to call a Keelboat Meeting, so that keelboat matters can be discussed and progressed for the forthcoming sailing season.
What is undernoted is not a formal agenda – for I would like to keep the meeting as informal, and fun, as possible: but it is a list of topics that I think are worthy of discussion – other topics can be added if anyone so wishes: please let me know.
  • Booking the raft
  • Moorings
  • Friday Night Series Racing programmes
  • FIGs – Four Inches & Gavin Adamson
  • Cruising
  • Keelboat Laying-up Supper
  • Election of Reps for the forthcoming year
I hope that draft racing and cruising programmes will be presented at the meeting, but these will be entirely open to discussion and capable of change.  What I hope we can achieve together this year is to get as many boats off the hard and out onto the water as is possible and to get as many people out and actually sailing as we can.  Hopefully that includes getting some dinghy people to try keelboats, and perhaps even some of the social members.  Last year’s “Try a Keelboat” ventures were not hugely successful, I think partly down to the weather but with that and keelboat racing there also seemed to be a dropping off of numbers: working together, that is a trend that hopefully can be reversed.
Hopefully I will see you there on 6th March: you will have noted that I have booked a night when the bar is open!
Clive Franks
(Interim) Keelboat Rep

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