The Raft in 2013

We are only a few weeks away now from the start of the new sailing season and the raft has been receiving more than its usual fair share of attention from the Tuesday Group.

At over 20 years old it is of course showing its age and has required this year more surgery than normal to replace corroded steel as well as a very thorough de-rust and paint.

In order to keep her going for as many years as possible we need to limit time in the water to the minimum practical. The proposal therefore is to repeat last year’s process of hauling her out for the summer once moorings are serviced and re-launching for the Inchcolme picnic and again for mooring and rock mark recovery in September.

We are aiming to have the raft ready for launch in early April and propose to recover at the end of May. Please therefore ensure all required servicing work on moorings is completed by then. With improvements to the raft steering it is in fact not such a major operation to launch and recover so any special requests during the summer can hopefully be accommodated with a bit of notice.

Bookings are managed by Lionel Booth (Moorings Rep) and a chart is in the basement to allow reservations to be made. As a club we need not struggle with the raft on our own and it is much better to team up with other boat owners and do several moorings at one go so please remember to put down your phone number so that others may contact you as required.

Anyone new to the raft please ask for help, the Tuesday Group check all the club moorings as well as their own so we can always find time to help with yours. Safety guidance for use of the raft is on the website  Please advise us if you encounter any problems with the raft so we can fix it.



3 thoughts on “The Raft in 2013

  1. Hi John – I wonder if I could take you up on your suggestion about raft help from the Tuesday group? ( I’d put my name on list for the raft last Sat, but nobody else turned out).
    I just want to retrieve the upper gear on my mooring for Free Spirit, which lies just a short distance to north-east of BriefnCounter’s spot. My gear is a yellow pick up buoy attached onto a bright red larger float buoy, and I was hoping to bring ashore those buoys and chains plus the swivel. I would leave the bottom tackle for now, and for that I have a black container float with rope already attached – resting on the boat’s trailer at the top of the slip.
    If you did happen to have the raft operating in the vicinity, I’d really appreciate if there was any time to bring that stuff ashore for me? I have to be away for the next 10 days or so, and then I hope to crack on getting the boat ready around the end of the month. Many thanks, Rob

    1. Hi Rob
      I have passed your question onto the Tuesday Group who I am sure will help as soon as they can. I have also sent you an email and copied some of the keelboat community to see if we can get you some assistance with pairing up with other skippers to do moorings maintenance. It’s by far the better way to do it – share the load, mutual help, good for teamwork , etc.

  2. Can I say a big thank you to all involved for retrieving the mooring gear for me, I very much appreciate it, many thanks, Rob

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