Dutyman 2013

Race OfficerDutyman is now up and live for 2013, with some names entered into the first couple of months of racing to get the ball rolling. We now need people to access and volunteer to provide cover at dates that suit them. After a period of time to allow people to do this, we will move to allocate duties to make sure everyone takes their fare share.

Points to note –

  • Please access Dutyman and confirm your duties, or request a swap. Doing this a couple of days before you are due to be OOD or on Safety Boat is not enough time and could mean we have no cover for racing, which is very unfair on your fellow sailors who are relying on you.
  • No full safety boat and OOD cover, then the race WILL NOT happen as scheduled. There should be no scrambling about on the day to pressgang some people to cover, especially if that means people going out on safety boats who are not adequately trained.
  • Everyone has to take their turn, no exceptions.
  • If sailors could volunteer for at least two duties, with more frequent sailors doing more.
  • The more volunteers, the easier it is to allocate duties and run the sailing.

So please help us by going to the web site and choosing duties at a time that suits you.



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