Good News for Training Fleet

Good News for Training Fleet

In the changing economic climate, the sailing club have to look into alternative methods of funding to refresh / develop our infrastructure. Previously we relied on bar profit for capital projects, but that level of profit is no longer available to us, as patronage levels drop. We have a development plan that allows us to show funding groups we have an end to end vision for the sailing club, as opposed to just turning up at their door and asking them to give us money. We have had some limited success in this area so far, but will be increasing our efforts in 2013 to try and address some key areas of infrastructure we need to renew / update.
Neil Fuller however has had some great success recently, securing £10,000 worth of funding from BP, that along with a slice of our own Capital Budget for 2013 will mean we can replace all six of our Topper fleet. A big thank you is due to BP, but also to Neil for securing this donation to our club.
We hope to do more like this, trying to make sure as much as possible of our Capital Spend includes a degree of matched / shared funding. If any member knows of groups who could be interested in donating or sponsoring our Sailing Club, please let somebody on the Management Committee know and will make contact to explore what may be possible.



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