Is Your Dog a Good Dog, or a Bad Dog?

They say there is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners!

We have been receiving a growing number of comments regarding dog behaviour within the clubhouse. Examples of issues we have received reports of –

  • Dogs roaming the clubhouse out of site and control of owners
  • Dogs begging at the table of other patrons who are consuming food – this has stopped some regulars from coming to the clubhouse
  • Dogs being permitted up on the furniture
  • Dogs entering the kitchen area behind the bar
  • On some occasions, dogs even appearing in the bar area itself
  • People allowing dogs to eat and drink out of plates / glasses that food or drink was served in
  • The throwing of toys provided for children across the clubhouse for dogs to retrieve
  • Dogs very obviously needing to go outside to relieve themselves and owners being oblivious due to being deep in conversation
  • Recently, cleaning staff finding a dog has relieved itself within the clubhouse
  • Growing packs of dogs within the clubhouse

This is wholly unacceptable and if environmental health were to pay us a visit, we would be immediately shutdown and receive a substantial fine!

Can the Board remind everyone of the following extract from the Clubs Code of Conduct.

  1. Members are responsible for ensuring that they, their families and their guests conduct themselves in a manner consistent with those of a family sailing club. While on Club property, members should refrain from engaging in conduct unbecoming of a member as evaluated under generally recognised standards of courteous behaviour.

 1.1             Parents have sole and ultimate responsibility for their children to make sure they behave appropriately and are safe whilst on club grounds.

1.2             Any dogs brought into the clubhouse should be kept under proper control by their owner/handler. Dogs are not permitted be out of sight their owners. When food is being served and/or children are present in the clubhouse, the dog must be kept on a leash. The purpose of this guidance is not to deter members bringing dogs into the clubhouse but rather to ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of fellow members and their families.

1.3             Dog fouling while unavoidable, is something we want to avoid in sports club grounds. All members with a dog(s) in the club grounds are expected to act as a responsible dog owner and clear up any dog mess.

 We are unusual in that we allow dogs within the clubhouse, please do not allow you and your dog to be part of the minority that results in a ban on dogs within the clubhouse.

Remember, our clubhouse is a public space. How people choose to treat their dogs within their home is their matter, but within the clubhouse they have to consider other patrons and of course, health and hygiene requirements.

Any questions on this, please contact the Commodore who would be more than happy to answer these.


DBSC Board


PS – we know 1.1 has nothing to do with dogs and is regarding parents not leaving their children anywhere in the club grounds or clubhouse unattended so they can go sailing, but it was included so people are 100% clear where the Code of Conduct outlines what are reasonable expectations.


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