Bar Price Review

That painful time of year has come again where bar prices for both drink and food have to be reviewed and this time round increased. This is our first increase since November 2011, which is remarkable when you think about rising costs generally and state of the economy. We have however reached the point where we have to increase our prices in order for the bar operation to remain in profit and generate capital budget for us to invest in our sailing club.

A bench mark of 5p on a print / measure of spirits has been used, with a selection of other items receiving a slightly different increase. We have managed to keep virtually all our food under £5!

As a members sailing club, it is vital that we price as such, hence our desire to still keep our prices as low as possible. However, as I said earlier, we do need to keep an eye on growing costs and make sure the bar remains in profit.

Price changes will take affect after close of business Sunday 26th May – i.e. after the regatta weekend.

We do of course continue to do all we can to reduce our overheads and always welcome ideas on how we can do more in this area.

DBSC Commodore


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