Message From The Commodore

Commodore Logo smallI felt it was time to pen a note to everyone to highlight some areas at the club and to request your help. We do normally communicate to members via the usual website, Facebook and fortnightly email snippets, but as a few things have come up, I decided it more appropriate to issue a note like this, similar to what we used to do in the past via the Mainsheet.

If this kind of message is welcomed, I will endeavour to do more.

The Future

It’s that time of year again where we have to review our Development Plan. We have made some great progress on some areas we decided to target this year, but we now need to perform the annual review and update. It is your club. I and the committee can only factor into the plan what we hear through discussions, so if there is something you would like to see us doing that we are not, please drop me an email and let me know.

Spring Regatta

A big thank you to everyone who helped and took part in the Spring Regatta. Okay, maybe it was not as large an event as we would like, and have had in the past, but we had a tough year in 2012 and this year is all about building this kind of event back up so we get back to our normal levels of sailing participation in the coming years. Tenacity will rule and we will keep moving forward and building this side of our club back up.

Safety Boats.

There has been a lot of talk round damage to safety boats this year. A root cause review has highlighted four causes – 1. The higher and longer duration than normal Easterly Winds this year. 2. The low spring tides this year being at the same time of day as our sailing activities (and being lower than predicted). 3 Some people still speeding in the moorings area. 4. Helming errors coming along side the jetty far to low down and as a result, the stern (with engine trimmed up) often ends up over the jetty.

Damage caused by these issues costs all of us money, as it eats into the membership fee and puts our goal to freeze the membership fees for another year at risk. However, more importantly, it also increases stress levels, people are vocal and complain, messages get to people who would helm safety boats and they either make errors because they are too stressed, do not volunteer for duties at all, or do not report breakages as per normal for fear of reprisals.

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club is not an easy place to helm a RIB, let’s not forget that. Let us all support our people who do their duty allocation and ask people to just remember to slow down in the moorings and come further up the jetty so the tubes of the RIB bounce off the side (there is plenty depth, honest!).

Also, please please do report if you notice any damage. Inspect the boat when you come ashore – you should by default be doing this before you embark and when you return. It is easy to do while you are cleaning the boat down. Nobody will complain if you report damage, in fact they will welcome it, because it gives the team a sporting change to fix the boat before it is next required for racing or training.

Our Safety Boat Officer is going to put up a white board in the lower boat shed, please use it to report any damages and if you can, send an email to

Our Volunteers

I said this at the AGM and I will say it again – “….volunteers do their turn running and developing our club. Nobody is being paid, most have fulltime jobs. Therefore, nobody should be subject to public appraisal for doing things differently, trying new things or even sometimes getting it wrong. We all need to be supportive of these good people, because without them our sailing club would very quickly cease to exist”.

All the volunteers only have so much time they can give to the club, so when things do not happen, or even go wrong, please remember this. If we continue with complaining and pointing out fault, current volunteers will get to the point of resigning, nobody will volunteer in the future and where will that leave us as a club.

I know this goes on at all clubs, but let’s make our already good club atmosphere even better and a welcoming place to be for all. We are all in this together, for the love of our sailing club, let’s all remember that and support and help one another. We have a great club, lots of people from elsewhere are very envious of it; let’s make the best club in Scotland again.

And the usual plea for help…. We do have some vacant posts we still need to fill, and we would really like to fill these to spread the load a bit better. If you have maybe considered getting involved but have not got round to it, or keep meaning to have a chat with one of the committee to find out more, please get in touch. We cannot know everyone in the club and as a consequence, cannot know who may be interested in order to directly contact them and explore, so please get in touch and we can chat over what is involved and how you may be able to help.

We have another great year ahead, with lots going on at the club, so have a great summer everyone.

John Sim


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