Anstruther Muster & Harbour Festival 2013

Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 August

This year the Anstruther Muster will be part of Anstruther Harbour Festival, a community festival on the lines of the previous Anstruther Lifeboat Gala.  The Muster continues as the annual gathering of boats from Scotland’s East Coast and further afield, and as in previous years the Muster will include the East of Scotland Boat Jumble and a Classic Boat Rally.

Harbour Festival Programme

Music events and bar in Anstruther Town Hall

  • Friday evening – Ceilidh
  • Saturday evening – Swing Band
  • Sunday evening – music event

Events on Anstruther’s harbourfront

  • Food Fair – Friday and Saturday, featuring East Neuk  food producers
  • Craft stalls, fairground shows & childrens’ events

Rowing Regatta, with Scottishcoastalrowing teams

Model Boat Club exhibition

Trophies for Furthest Travelled, Best Dressed and Smallest boats

East of Scotland Boat Jumble on Saturday & Sunday

Classic Boat Rally

  • Open to yachts, dinghies, motor boats and working boats
  • Entry criteria – generally wooden or steel hulled, but also GRP if a descendant of a wooden hull design and with enough wood trim to pass as a classic, or  boats of “classic” design of any period or construction form
  • Boats will be on display in a reserved area of the harbour, to be easily viewable but not accessible by the public
  • Information sheets on each boat will be displayed on the quay-edge barrier adjacent to the boat
  • “Reaper” 70’ sailing drifter open to the public
  • Trophy for Best Classic boat
  • Classic Boat celebration lunch

AHF Muster 2013 flyerv3

Anstruther Muster 2013 Tides


4 thoughts on “Anstruther Muster & Harbour Festival 2013

  1. Not as good as previous years. For some reason there was no marquee on the central pier but there was a fairground there. Because of the lack of a central meeting point there was a lack of atmosphere for the boaty people and there was nothing that seemed to be arranged for them. Some things were held in remote occasions away from the harbour but very few attended them.
    No pre arrangements had been made with the local lobster boats to accommodate visiting fin keel boats and I was faced with having to move the boat three times, once at 4 in the morning, until I acquired a secure berthing place. One time when I returned to the boat I found that some of my mooring lines had been fully unfastened. The speed of some boats in the outer harbour was so fast that on one occasion the wash completely lifted all my fenders and my wooden board up above the deck.
    Apparently there was a new committee this year. They seem to have accepted that the muster is there to add some scenic attractions to the event which can be milked until it is dry.
    We were not impressed with the lack of organisation and facilities provided. There appeared to be no evidence of any input from the FYCA although their sponsorship was displayed on a large banner near the harbour office.
    The Arbroath fest held a week earlier although a lower key event was much better organised and because of the different attitude to the visitors had a much friendlier atmosphere and was much more enjoyable.

    1. Sorry you were not happy with the lack of the marquee on the harbour. The cost of this last year was around £5,000 and without major sponsors the new committee had to look at alternatives. As others have made a similar comment maybe we will look at finding a sponsor so we can once again put the marquee on the harbour.
      As for your concerns with berthing etc I will pass this on at our next committee meeting so they can be addressed.

      1. Help please!! I am desperate to find the jewellery maker who had a stall on the pier and can,t find her card – can you help? \thanks

  2. A bit of a round about answer to the jeweler question. Phone Ken Lawson on 01333 310573. He booked the tables so he may know the person you are looking for

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