Private Boat Management

Private Boat Movement

Recently we have seen signs of a return to the trend where club members other than the Harbour Master have been moving private boats. Please note the following extract from our Ground Rules contained in the Club Handbook

8. Equipment / boats may only be moved around the club grounds by the owner, the Harbour Master or the Harbour Masters nominated assistant, for reasons that require short term relocation. However, the owners are responsible for their property at all times.  Notification of moves is not always possible.

No member, regardless of them hold a committee post or are operating in on a voluntary basis to help out with our events / operations is permitted to move private boats unless they have the direct approval of the boat owner. The only person authorised to move boats without permission is the Harbour Master, who requires this authority in order to carry out their role to manage our club grounds.


There has been an increase in petty crime over the last couple of years, be that at our or at other sailing clubs. It is understandable that people will take extra measures to secure their property while stored on club grounds. One of those steps may be wheel clamps or hitch locks. While all of this is permissible, can we please also take this opportunity to remind everyone of their obligations under the Ground Rules in relation to such security measures.

9. Any members using a security clamp on a trailer must provide the Harbour Master with a copy of the key, or inform them of the security code to allow the Harbour Master to manage our boat storage.

Management of our grounds and where boats are and are not parked is a challenge. While we have extensive grounds, we restrict the areas we park boats in the interest of neighbourly relations and to keep our club grounds tidy. The Harbour Master has to continually fine tune where boats are located, trying to keep all boat types within the same area for ease of management. The person holding that role does need to be able to relocate boats as part of that role, or in the event of an emergency, and your help and support is always appreciated.


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