Clubhouse Refurbishment and the Club Spirit is Alive and Well!

We have all at some point looked at the photograph archive on the website of members building / developing our club. Please take a look at the selection of pictures below, which shows the 20 people that turned out to help lift the old carpets and paint the clubhouse. It gladdens the heart of everyone to see that the spirit of the sailing club is not a thing of the past and is still alive and well…. some people even came back for more later in the day. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped and created a brilliant atmosphere.

Below is also a sneak preview of the final outcome and we are sure you will agree it is a huge improvement.

Why are we doing this?

Apart from members comments like, “thank heavens this is getting done at last, as those carpets are disgusting”, we are taking action to develop our club, reduce costs and increase revenue. In recent years we took the unpopular decisions to close the clubhouse during loss making days, which allowed the bar to avoid making a loss overall. We cannot sit back after that change and need to take action to increase revenue in profit making days. This refurbishment will allow us to open the club to passing members of the public as a coffee shop and signs for this will go up soon – they will clearly state we will retain our current policy of not selling alcohol to passing members of the public. We are also looking to advertise more widely our clubhouse hire options. While we have something special with our location, we did not present our clubhouse well, coupled with there being a lot of competition now. So this work, along with a couple of other initiatives that should hopefully deliver soon, will allow us to do that.

Things for everyone to note

Please sell your sailing club to friends and family as a venue for events. We have two weddings booked for next year and a party at the weekend for a one year old and eighteen friends, so we can accommodate anything.

Secondly, we have gone to a lot of effort to arrange the furniture to compliment the new décor, avoid blocking any radiators to let heat out (and reduce our fuel bills) and to make the place welcoming. Can all members please not move furniture and if you have to for one reason or another please put it back the way you found it.

ps – we have replacement windows being fitted in November, as part of our efforts to reduce our heating costs. Unfortunately, we could not align trades and events gaps to rip the club house to bits for four days to refurbish. These new windows are being fitted by a joinery firm, so we are sure they will take measures to protect our new carpets.

pps – please remember to wipe your feet on the mats that have been put in place as you enter the clubhouse :-).

bar1 bar2 bar3 bar4 bar5 dance lounge1 lounge2 lounge3 lounge4 paint1 paint2


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