RYA Survey – Request for members support

A marketing group from the University of Stirling representing the RYA Scotland are engaging via focus groups to explore new branding opportunities for the RYA and to find out sailing club  members opinions  of the RYA and their activities. Basically they are doing research on behalf of the RYA trying to understand the rationale behind why some people join the RYA and some don’t. They are also looking to explore with club sailors their views of a possible introduction of a sub brand for the RYA and talk about merchandise opportunities.

The team are keen to talk to people in DBSC and we are keen to help as an RYA affiliated club. They are looking for around 10 members to help with a survey, 5 of which are members of the RYA and 5 of that are not.

The five research objectives are:

1 To explore the current perceptions held towards the RYA Scotland brand, from both existing and potential members.

2 To explore opportunities for a merchandise range.

3 To explore membership opportunities within the sports market.

4 To understand why people do or do not choose to become members of the RYA Scotland.

5 To research and develop a new ‘sub-brand’ for RYA Scotland.

In order to research this, the team want to speak with members and non members of the RYA about the above topics. Ideally that would be a focus group with 8-10 people that will last no longer than an hour at a time and place convenient to us – i.e. our clubhouse one evening.

Please can you let me know if you would be willing to be part of such a review with the RYA by dropping the Commodore an email

Thank you


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