RYA Scotland Annual Awards – great news!

The sailing club received some great news recently regarding the annual RYA Scotland awards. We have been short listed for two awards.

Volunteer of the of the Year

Neil Fuller, RC Training, is one of the final three who have been short listed for this award. This is a real reflection of the effort put in by not just Neil, but everyone in the Training team who have re-invigorated that area of our club. It shows this has not gone unnoticed outside of our club.

Club of the Year

Our club has also been short listed for this award, which is both a surprise and fantastic news. It comes as a surprise because last year was very much a transitional / recovery year for us. All the effort put in last year is expected to reap benefits in 2014, with us hopefully getting back to previous levels of participation at our club for both members and visitors. However, it looks like our unique challenges and how we have worked as a club to overcome these and develop our club for the future have not gone unnoticed.

Details of the annual awards, which will be held on 1st February, can be found at the following link –


A number of people have already indicated they plan to attend and will be buying tickets. However, the club received two free tickets for the club of the year award, so we would really like to share these across our members. So, if you plan to attend, please drop The Commodore an email, because we will gather up details of who is going and share the cost savings of these free tickets across all by giving an equal share of the ticket cost back…. hopefully that makes sense!

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