Urgent Attention – attendance requested at EGM – 19 February @ 7.30 pm

This is a notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting we have to call for 7:30pm on 19th February at our clubhouse.

We would expect this to take no more than 30 minutes to go over the history, the changes required and vote for approval. It is vital members attend in order that the meeting can be quorate to allow this to proceed smoothly, so please do take the time to attend and support your club – if for no other reason to avoid a hike in the already agreed membership fee!

28 Day Notice v5


As part of the sailing club becoming a Limited Company, we have to re-certify as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) organisation. It is vital we retain this certification, because it allows us to benefit from a sizable level of Council Tax discount, which is directly passed onto members via a reduced membership fee.

It has taken us some time to get a response from HM Revenue and Customers regarding our application, but we have at last received a response and the bad news is, we need to make some changes to our Articles of Association. This is because CASC requirements have changed since we last qualified via the old club Constitution.

The changes are small, but due to the HMRC imposed deadline, we have to make these now. To make any changes to our Articles of Association we must gain members approval via an AGM or EGM. Therefore, this is notice of The Board calling an EGM to make these changes.

Thank you in anticipation of your support attending this meeting.

The Commodore

14 Day Notice


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