Evening Talks at Port Edgar Yacht Club

An invitation form Port Edgar Yacht Club

We have arranged two evening talks at Port Edgar Yacht Club which I believe will be of interest to your members. The first is on March 13th at 1930 (poster attached) by Harken and is aimed at the Cruising Sailor. I quote from Harken –

“Working from the front of the boat to the back Harken takes a look at the possibility and solutions deck hardware can make an impact on. This talk is roughly 45 minutes long and we would usually do a Q&A session after this, which usually lasts around half an hour.  We do have a number of other topics which we can talk about so please let us know if there is specific interest in another area.  Winch servicing is always a popular subject and we are happy to demo this after if demand is there.

Stan Cockeram will be our representative giving the talk, he does our talks and product training, his job title is Technical Sales & Marketing.  Obviously  part of our motivation in providing a talk is to promote our products but I would like to reassure you that it is not the only driving force.  Stan is very careful to ensure that our talks are friendly, entertaining and interesting, our main aim is to open up a friendly direct relationship with sailors interested in our products.  We don’t like hard faced sales pitches so we wouldn’t provide one.”

The poster basically says it all.

The second evening talk will be by John Murphy, entitled “Cruising around the Forth” on Wednesday 26th March at 1930. John must be just about the most experienced Forth sailor and he is going to share his knowledge and experiences of cruising around the Firth of Forth and the East Coast.

Your members will be most welcome to join us at PEYC on these evenings and I would be very grateful if you could advertise the talks.

Best regards,

Geoff Bowerman

Vice Commodore PEYC

Harken poster


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