Contamination Update

Dear Members

Firstly, apologies for the delay issuing a message to you all regarding recent publicly visible progress with regards to contamination on our land. There continue to be ongoing meetings as we hopefully start to progress towards agreement on how to remediate, so any message had to be timed round those.

Can I thank all members for not making publicly known their opinion and no doubt frustration, be that via talking to the media or airing in various open forums. The sailing club have in the past, and continue to feel the pain of any press coverage, good or bad, regarding the contamination. The Sailing Club has over the last two years distanced themselves from any press questioning and our policy is to continue doing that. Everyone can see we have experienced a loss of membership and visitor participation and while lots of work has gone into recovering that position, it could very quickly be undone. Also, this approach has helped with making sure the Sailing Club continue to be trusted by the key stakeholders and involved / briefed at all stages.

With regards to the way forward, please take media reporting on the current status lightly. For anyone that has read recent reports fully, you will quickly realise the media tend to only report on a headlines basis, as opposed to giving all details. Please be assured, the sub-committee who have been empowered by The Board to act on these matters on behalf of the club have been and continue to working hard with the various key stakeholders. We are also one of the five ‘Implementing Parties’ who have to agree to any remediation solution and we will be shortly sharing details of the Sailing Clubs’ requirements round any remediation with that group. Once that subcommittee reach a stage of agreement on remediation, they will report their recommendation to The Board and of course, in turn arrange a meeting to brief members.

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