Membership Fee Increase of 30%

Now we have your attention………. this is what could happen if we are not successful in approving the changes to our Articles of Association at the EGM on 19th February in order to be recertified as a Community Armature Sports Club (CASC). To do this, we must have at least 15% of voting members in attendance at the EGM. Anyone with a sailing membership has the right to vote.

Please take the time to come along and cast your vote. Please do not regard the 15% as a low number and others will attend in sufficient numbers to allow this to happen. It is a single item agenda, so it will not take long to go over the background and required changes, give people the opportunity to ask questions and move to a vote.

You can find details of what is proposed for change at the following – EGM Notice.

As the EGM should be a fairly quick event we are planning on having a Q&A session on Sailing Activity after the main EGM Agenda has been completed.

This season’s calendar is almost complete and will be finalised once all output from the Keelboat meeting (26th of Feb) has been considered.

If you would like some input into how we create the calendar for sailing activities please ensure you come along to the EGM on the 19th.

John Sim, Commodore, DBSCL


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