RIB’s for Sale

As previously advised, the sailing club have been upgrading their safety boat fleet, as part of a strategic change to a rolling refresh of safety craft to make sure we have reliable boats, with minimal outlay at each refresh via sale of existing craft. We were able to get to this position via some careful planning and of course some outside financial assistance.

Part of that careful planning was to sell the old boats we have to contribute towards the initial outlay. The sailing season is getting close, so as peoples minds are starting to turn towards fun on the water, it is time to advertise some of the boats we have for sale.

The plan is to set an asking price, but to request silent bids for each boat…. the highest bid wins. Bids should be sent in an email directly to our Rear Commodore Shore (just click on this link).

So get bidding and remember this all goes back into club funds so we can do yet more development of our sailing club facilities.

Closing date for bids: 9th March 2014

Tornado 4mtr.

Yamaha 30hp 4 stroke with service history.

Hull could do with a tidy up and a little paint.

Will come with a launching trailer.

Suggested starting bid – £1500

Tornado 5.4 meter.

Mercury 75hp 4 stroke with service history.

Hull needs some TLC but will not take much work to get back up to a good standard.

Has an A frame with nave lights but requires rewiring.

Stable, safe boat, especially in rough conditions.

Will include a roller coaster trailer but that will require a little work before you take on the public highway.

Suggest starting bid – £2500

Tornado 4mtr 1 Tornado 4mtr 2

Tornado 5.4mtr 2Tornado 5.4mtr 1


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